“To play is to act out and be willful, exultant and committed, as if one is assured of one's prospects.”

Brian Sutton-Smith | The ambiguity of play



Included with the The Game Plan Game (digital version) printable game are lesson plans, developed by educators at EdPlay.org for educators, to help steer usage of The Game Plan Game in the classroom. The plans include worksheets, information on how to start playing the game, and how to talk with students about what they experienced during play. It also has support for developing custom essential questions or goals for creating curriculum explicitly for your classroom

You can download the free lesson plans below:

Letter to Parents

Pre-School School Lessons Plans

Elementary School Lessons Plans


The Game Plan Game has been developed based on decades of educational gaming research. We include in the downloadable version of the game links and references to lots of the research that undergirds the design of the game. With this set of references, educators will be empowered to use The Game Plan Game as a launching off point for effectively utilizing games and game design in the classroom.  With pedagogical support from cutting edge educational gaming research and social skill guidance, it is a win-win for students and teachers.


We have poured our hearts into the development and design of The Game Plan Game, and we will be updating the website with stories and information to help educators maximize their experience with the game. We are not interested in just pushing a fun, meaningful game out into the world—we are taking the steps to develop a community around The Game Plan Game that can work together to develop curricula, to communicate challenges and successes, and to provide foundational experiences for our students.  We also intend to donate games and curriculum to those families and schools who cannot provide for their students or children.