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THE STORY OF Ellie and Lisa


Ellie and Lisa became fast friends through their kids at preschool.  One day their school brought in a specialist to explain the importance of teaching children about keeping their bodies safe.  It got them thinking about all of the life lessons they wanted their kids to learn as they grew and gained more independence.  From memorizing important phone numbers to ensuring no one touched them inappropriately, the task of teaching their children to be street smart was daunting. 

Having both spent countless hours playing board games with their kids, they searched for a game that not only featured the content they wanted to introduce to their kids but also a FUN game with interactive elements to help the lessons stick.  They scoured toy stores and online options but nothing fit so the duo decided to create their own game and The Game Plan Game was born. 

Children can learn safety information, good manners and social skills by playing The Game Plan Game.  Knowledge is power and the more confidence and tools children have to handle challenging situations, the better.

Ellie and Lisa’s mission is for every child to have the knowledge and skills to always have a game plan! 

Ellie Kanner

Co-Founder, “The Game Plan Game”

Ellie Kanner is Co-Founder of “The Game Plan Game” and a renowned leader in the entertainment industry who has worked as a talent agent, casting director, producer and director. Ellie co-founded “The Game Plan Game” because she believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn practical skills to help keep themselves safe. She was responsible for casting the television pilots for “Friends,” “Sex and the City,” “Drew Carey,” along with many series and movies. As a director, she’s helmed television episodes of “Boston Legal,” Dead Zone,” “Greek” and more, as well as feature films, “Authors Anonymous,” For the Love of Money,” “Wake” and “Crazylove.” All films received worldwide distribution. Ellie recently directed all 10 episodes of the short form series “Dropping the Soap” – currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes – and for which Jane Lynch won an EMMY. Ellie also co-authored two books, NEXT! An Actor’s Guide to Auditioning and How NOT to Audition and is actively involved with the non-profit organizations Plus Wonder and Medicine for Humanity. Ellie is a single mom raising two boys in Pacific Palisades, California.

Lisa Solomon

Co-Founder, “The Game Plan Game”

Lisa Solomon is Co-Founder of “The Game Plan Game” and an expert in the educational non-profit space. She is currently the Regional Manager for Los Angeles at Common Sense Media, the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. In her role at the national non-profit, she works to share Common Sense’s myriad of free resources with parents and educators and also organizes development events in the L.A. region. Prior to joining Common Sense, Lisa was a television producer with both CNN and CNBC Asia, based in Hong Kong. She started her career in Washington, D.C., working for Nightline at ABC News. Lisa has two teenagers, one son and one daughter, who are her inspiration for creating “The Game Plan Game.” She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master of Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego.