A game to help children navigate our terrifically amazing, sometimes risky, always exciting world.


Our mission:  for every child to have the knowledge and skills to always have a game plan. 

We love games and really enjoy playing board games with our kids.  We understand that our children learn most effectively through games and play, and we’ve always appreciated the opportunity board games provided for bonding and connecting with our kids.

We looked for a board game that our young kids would enjoy playing with us, that also helped prepare them for some of the realities of the world they would soon face. We wanted a game that was not heavy-handed and boring, but lively, engaging, and fun, that worked naturally with our children's curiosity to help them learn valuable life-safety skills.

So we plugged away, and worked with some experts in the field of games and education, and we developed The Game Plan Game.


Playing the Game Plan Game



Players answers questions, earning the right to collect tokens and move along the board from start to finish. Some questions are answered verbally, while some require getting up and moving around!

The Game Plan Game is fun, active, it involves rolling dice, moving your game piece around a detailed game board, answering questions specifically designed to help children learn about safe and smart decision making, and even getting up to move and groove!



Players take turns rolling the dice, and moving the appropriate number of spaces on the board. The player draws a card corresponding to the space: Smart & Safe, Move & Groove, Say & Spell, or Nice & Neat.

The game leader, or the player, then reads the question on the card and the player whose turn it is answers or performs the action on the card.



Questions and actions in The Game Plan Game are designed to guide play, while also leaving room for experimentation and creativity. Groups are encouraged to have fun with how to answer questions or perform actions, or to even design their own questions!


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